Aloe Vera

For years we have carefully grown our own Aloe Vera plants on our Eco-plantation.
They are grown in their natural habitat in their own natural way.

Our target: to develop products for commercial and charitable use, locally and overseas.

Aloe Vera gel has been known and used well over 5000 years.
The value is widely known, used, and exploited for commercial purposes.
Due to its slow growth the cost of the pure gel is high for western cultures as it grows best in the sub tropics. 
It is hardly made available for other use other than for those that pay well.

Care for Natural wishes to make a change in this.

Aloe Vera can treat multiple illnesses.
The positive results are well documented and researched by hundreds of universities and researchers.

Read below a few of the major characteristics, tailor made for our continent and to relieve our people's problems, in particular those stricken by poverty:
  • It aids in a much better absorption of protein.

  • It aids in better retaining Vitamin C up to 329% making it a valuable boost to the immune system.

  • It treats diarrhea mildly and fast, without side effects.

  • The same treatment is effective against constipation.

  • Aloe Vera is a fantastic wound healer and helps to regenerate skin tissue up to 8 times faster.

  • It gently disinfects without causing pain.

  • Fights inflammation.

  • Relieves pain.

  • Is effective against arthritis.

  • We are gratefully able to help children and babies with burn wounds to heal fast and without scar tissue.

We are for the past years treating people but on a small scale. The effectiveness and success-rate is great.
The use is so simple that we believe mothers can aid in helping to treat their babies and children

The benefits are never ending, particularly helping the problems our local people are troubled by in their daily lives.
As many believe: every continent has been equipped by the Creator with its own plants to relieve it own health problems.

Aloe Vera originates in Africa!

We are to set up a day treatment centre where the local communities can be treated for charitable small fees.

We are presently looking for technical help to further develop easy to use products for local treatment.
We are inviting sponsors to help use build the treatment centre