Mission - Vision - Values

Our Mission
Protect our environment by making nature's produce of commercial use.
Meanwhile improving the native ecology and health of the land and its people.
Recognize Africa's natural potential without overlooking its limitations.
Use part of profits generated by our commercially operating branches, to support charitable activities.
To develop and support new forms of ecologically responsible businesses.

Our Vision
Development emerges best from the people, through the people.
An increasing population amidst climate chaos, requires urgent understanding of a balanced natural habitat.
Knowing how to re-create the balance, is our only way to survive.
We want to pursue this vision through building ecologically sustainable businesses.
Fair products for everyone but not at Nature’s cost.
We seek to create an awareness as far as it can reach that:
 preventing damage to nature is far better than repairing the damage done.(deforestation),
all we need to survive, exists in the world around us.
We urgently must cease to abuse our world.
Instead we must learn to care for and maintain it.

 - Our greatest vision is to use our environment's natural potential through caring for its balance -

Our Values
True success is achieved through upholding respect, peace & harmony towards each other and our creation.
Understanding people within their living environment, their ideologies, their believes, their fears, their motivation, their social needs and priorities, is the gateway to creating progress in general.

Healthy people come from a healthy environment having a healthy state of mind which creates healthy ideas for a healthier future.