Plant & Grow

Kyoto agreements as well as the CO2 reduction programmes are set out by our world leaders. 
A lot is being said and done in and around offices.
But who will implement the tree planting at grassroots levels?

Care for Natural is getting ready for it!

For decades people planted ornamental green or trees with commercial value.
The indigenous trees, of great value to the natural habitat and the balance of our native ecology, are rapidly fading from our skylines.
Another obvious reason for deforestation is logging for timber, building, and export.
Firewood is rampantly high in demand.
Nature cannot keep up with people's need for trees. 
We need to help grow and seek alternatives.

The biodiversity in larger numbers needs urgent attention and support!

We are persistently searching indigenous species, and setting up nurseries for them.
Some of them are difficult to propagate.
We are working on having a larger number of timber trees in our nurseries.
Our nurseries are progressing although still in their beginning stage.
  • Care for Natural wishes to help bring back the original species to the original land.

  • Help to regain a biodiversity.

  • Aid to restore numbers of trees for future availability of wood.

  • Having trees available for customers.

  • To help implement the initiatives set out by those in office dealing with world politics.

  • For our own present! and future benefit.

Plant and Grow sells a variety of ornamental species too.

Our shop, located in between Maroun's supermarket Kololi and Right Choice Kololi, is in progress. It will be opening very soon. Once ready we will publish our line of products and services.